About Our Authors

Luini Unlimited Publications publishes the work of Cathy L. Kidd, author of a series of recipe books, Quiz Mistress Kara, co-author of two interactive quiz style ebooks and C. Liane Luini, author of a new series of Canine Nosework Mysteries.

Cathy L. Kidd

Cathy L. Kidd is a craftsperson at heart. For as long as she can remember she has been creating things with her hands. She has done crochet (taught to her by her Aunt Carol), stained glass (learned by taking a class), candlemaking (learned from an ebook and experimenting) and homemade bread making first by hand and then with the use of a bread machine (learned initially with the help of Betty Crocker!) She especially likes taking “raw materials” like colored string or flour and water and creating a beautiful gift from them.

Her recipe books specialize in recipes for your kitchen appliances. She gives you what you want – the recipes! No fluff and no information you already know.

Quiz Mistress Kara

Quiz Mistress Kara is a very accomplished young lady. She was born in Connecticut on February 6, 2008. In April of 2008 she moved to Maryland to live with C. L. Luini and her new brother Mr. Flaki. And what fun she’s had!

She competes in obedience and has earned 3 Obedience Titles and 1 Rally Title. She also earned an APDT Rally Title with special honors. And she competes in the new sport of Nose Work and earned her NW1 Title. With all those accomplishments, her official name is UCD Random Wind Kara Vica at Toflaki, CD, BN, RN, RL1, NW1, CGC!

And now, of course with the help of C. L. Luini, she is a published author. Her books are interactive quiz style books available on Kindle.

C. Liane Luini

C. Liane Luini has shared her adult life with some wonderful dogs. Currently she trains with her black Miniature Poodle Kara, the real star of this series of mysteries. After their success with their interactive books they decided to collaborate again on this series of mystery books. They were introduced to Nosework by their best training friend at ROOT Dog Training who at the time was in the process of becoming a certified Nosework instructor. They started taking classes with local certified instructors and quickly fell in love with this new sport. They joined the National Association of Canine Nosework (https://www.nacsw.net/) to continue learning about Nosework and so they would be eligible to trial. So far they have achieved their NW3 Title which involves 4 searches: exterior, interior, containers and vehicles. A major accomplishment as all who have trialed know! They are now working on getting two more Level 3 titles to earn the coveted NW3 Elite status.

Maggie Lakes Meadow

Maggie Lakes Meadow had the best time ever putting her first coloring activity book together for the kids she knows. They liked it so much, she decided to publish it so other children can enjoy it too. She is a former elementary school music teacher and is always interested in finding fun ways for kids to learn. The coloring pages inspire the budding artist and the puzzles stimulate thinking and reasoning – all in a fun activity book. The first book has inspired more. The second is one for Halloween. Look for more to come.