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We have published a series of Recipe, Interactive Quiz Style and Dog Mystery books. The first in the dog mystery series, It Smells Like…Murder: A Canine Nosework Mini Mystery is now available. We hope you enjoy them!

Recipe Books

Cathy L. Kidd has written a series of recipe books primarily for your kitchen appliances: your bread machine, ice cream maker, blender and dehydrator. The books are designed to give you lots of recipes with no fluff or information that […]

Canine Nosework Mysteries

Our newest publications come from author C. Liane Luini and are a series of books in the setting of the new sport of Canine Nosework. They are novelette length books designed to be a quick and enjoyable read for all […]

Interactive Books

Quiz Mistress Kara and C.L. Luini have published two interactive Quiz style books to date. The first is Famous Movie and TV Dogs and the second is Presidential Dogs. Both are currently available for your Kindle in the Amazon Store. […]

Coloring Activity Books for Kids

We’ve added fun Coloring Activity Books to our catalog! The author is Maggie Lakes Meadow. She’s a former elementary school music teacher who is always interested in finding fun ways for kids to learn. Coloring Activity Book The first one […]

About Our Authors

Luini Unlimited Publications publishes the work of Cathy L. Kidd, author of a series of recipe books, Quiz Mistress Kara, co-author of two interactive quiz style ebooks and C. Liane Luini, author of a new series of Canine Nosework Mysteries. […]

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Dog Treat Photos

These photos are from Homemade Dog Treats: Simple and Easy Recipes for Your Best Friend. The paperback version of the recipe book contains black and white photos so the book will be affordable. Here you can see them in color. […]

Halloween Recipe Photos

These photos are from Halloween Coloring Activity Book. The paperback version of the coloring book contains black and white photos. Here you can see them in color. And as a special bonus for visiting this page, click here to download […]